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Corporate Interiors

Ascom (InfoVista)

Ashburn, VA

Located in Ashburn, VA, this 13,000 SF corporate office was designed with a European outdoor feel; creating an ever evolving workplace environment intended to attract & retain young talent.

The central feature of the office includes an open space layout which brings together a barn table with the adjacent pantry. Secondary spaces provide parallel function of space, such as British inspired telephone booths used as designated private areas.

Another unique feature of this space is a warm lighting package which promotes a relaxed working environment, with the feel of being in a cafe’.

One of the key characteristics of the design is the collaborative millwork table centralized at the entry of the suite, surrounded by the open pantry and office work space.

Other materials throughout the space used to enhance the European influenced design include altered planks of wood, weathered metal, barz ceiling feature and polished concrete flooring.