Building Beyond Expectations


We greatly appreciate the hard work that has gone into making this happen. We don’t look good without you guys making it happen. In short, you all ROCK!

Shout out to your team for being all over security!! This is a sensitive project and your efforts to keep this secure are not going unnoticed. 

Mazzuca Contracting has great leaders and team members, with strong attributes such as:

  • Can-do attitude
  • Never comes to the table with an issue without a proposed resolution
  • Over communicator


The attentiveness, accessibility and professionalism is top notch and we look forward to working more with the Mazzuca Team.

These guys are wonderful to work with, they cared about the office, they answered questions, and made a stressful event, very low-stress for me. I highly recommend them, our office turned out amazing!

His accuracy in forecasting project timelines and budgets has been a major asset. He has a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the intricacies of construction projects for startup like NOOKS. This has allowed us to plan our operations more effectively, avoid unforeseen setbacks and manage a restricted budget.

It was a pleasure to work with everyone on the Mazzuca team assigned to this project.

I was impressed with the level of organization and record keeping throughout the project.

I would not hesitate to work with Mazzuca again and refer the company to others in need of construction.


I just left the space!  It looks great!

Robert and Seth were awesome to work with!!!  Seth was very responsive and did a great job keeping things on track!  Robert did a fantastic job dealing with my folks on the ground and delivering a quality space.

Thank you for designating Tim King as the foreman for the renovation job here at Loyola University Maryland.  He has been an absolute joy to work with due to his professional demeanor, responsiveness, and dedication to the job.  His people respond to his easy-going management style and get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Today Tim was able to get a door open to accommodate the fire marshal inspection.  This may seem like a small thing but it was very helpful given the fact that our own lock and key specialist was unable to get this door unlocked.

As Facility Manager of the Timonium Campus, I have had the opportunity to work with several contractors over the years and am impressed with Tim King as a hard worker who understands how to motivate the people who work for him.  It is my pleasure to thank you for hiring such a positive employee!


Wanted to take a moment and let you know the team from your group that just finished the Sleep Center on the Howard County Hospital Campus did an amazing job. The Hospital pushed us to take 3 weeks off the schedule. We had deal with numerous obstacles that were out of our control.

The guys all put in a ton of extra hours and effort to pull this off. They continued as a team to address punch items and interact with users to be sure they were happy. The Sleep Center group was extremely happy and appreciative of the effort and expressed that to us. I wanted to make sure you were fully aware of what they did as a team to make a very challenging project a great success.


With both projects (Freedom Consulting Group & Asymmetrik) winding down I wanted to take a second to Thank You.  It’s not every day we deal with people that manage projects in the way you have.  In my opinion, most Project Managers spend more time picking up the pieces rather than staying ahead of the game.  I appreciate the amount of communication and timely responses on all the change orders and paperwork, etc…I only hope for a continued relationship with Mazzuca Contracting, and in particular Seth Wycoff.


I have been meaning to tell you great job on the In-Depth Engineering project.  You guys met the schedule, quality was perfect and the tenant is extremely happy.  You were always on your game and responded to emails immediately.  Mike and yourself did a great job and it was the smoothest job I have had so far.  Look forward to the next one!

Their attention to detail, persistent resolve, “TEAM” attitude toward the project, and their willingness to work problem out together instead of pointing fingers are few examples of what sets Mazzuca Contracting apart from other contractors I have worked with in the past.

The result of this attitude and approach is evident by the end result = happy client = successful project!

Bigger is not always better; their personal approach to business means one is never more than a phone call away from the owner.

I can definitely say that I highly recommend Dave Mazzuca and his team.  Dave has personally assured the success of a few very time sensitive and mission critical projects for our team.  His commitment to honoring the budget and timeline, and willingness to work with us to meeting challenging customer requirements are the reason I often go to them.

There are few General Contractors that are big enough to handle the tough projects, yet maintain the intimate relationship with their customers.  I know if there are any issues with a project, that I have the ear of the President of the company and he will ensure it is done right, no matter how big or small the effort.  That type of customer intimacy is invaluable in today’s environment.

We were definitely pleased with the level of support that was provided on our project.  Your staff went above what “had” to be done to provide exceptional support to WWTAS and our customer.

The entire Mazzuca team was always professional and resolved all issues in a timely manner.  Rick Thiess was a great superintendent that really knows the construction business and had a great way of explaining things in layman’s terms.  Bill Woodward and Michael Powell were pulled away in many directions but managed to keep WWTAS happy and meet all milestones.  Jason McClung’s services were also helpful with requirements and questions.

As the Security Manager, I did not have to worry about stupid mistakes.  Our government customer was very pleased with the work, and concerns were addressed immediately.  Mazzuca Contracting was always willing to make government required changes mid-stream and did not hit us with outrageous change orders.  We received accreditation on our first try.

Absolutely incredible!  This represents nothing short of a herculean effort by all of you.  This is just a fabulous looking facility. You should all be very proud of the efforts.

Good Evening Gentlemen,

Most of the time we hear what we did wrong or everything is ok, but I wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure working with Chris.  At first I was a little reluctant, because I developed a good rapport with David Ambrose, and me being new to Guardian, I just wasn’t sure.  Here we go with a but, he has done a commendable job on the ASI project that had many opportunities to go bad.  The combination of David, Chris and especially Mike, made this a successful project for Guardian.

I look forward to future, working on projects with your company.