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Our company headquarters is strategically located within 5 minutes of Fort George G. Meade which enables us to physically be seen as part of the cyber security community and take advantage of the training, networking, visibility and associations as well construction business opportunities. We participate in the Fort Meade Alliance and other cyber security related associations to better understand the cyber security community and know the various private and public individuals.

As a National Commercial Building Contractor and Construction Management firm, with a passion for delivering great results, Mazzuca Contracting executes projects with relentless accountability; seeking customer feedback at the beginning, middle, and end of each project to ensure that goals stay aligned and expectations are met.

Recognized as one of the industry’s top secure office and SCIF builders, we have broad experience in the planning and construction of secure facilities with a resume of completing over 3.4+ Million SF of such facilities including over 340+ SCIF’s at a value $320+ million. We provide creative solutions to improve the quality and speed of project delivery; accomplishing this through unparalleled collaboration with our clients and design partners, and by understanding the latest, ever changing regulatory requirements in the industry.

Mazzuca Contracting will provide a highly experienced project team, and select equally qualified subcontractors and vendors that have proven themselves on past Mazzuca Contracting projects.

When you are ready to pursue your next SCIF & Secure Space project, please allow us to assist you. We are certain having our staff participate as consultants in the design, or becoming design/build partners will enhance the proposal, interview, design and construction process.

What distinguishes Mazzuca from all the others?

What differentiates Mazzuca Contracting from our competition is a combination of our uniquely collaborative approach to project delivery, our passion to succeed, and our ability to constantly deliver projects on time and the right first price. Simply put, we are never satisfied with how good we’ve been, but are driven by how we can benefit our customers better in the future.

In addition to the above, Mazzuca Contracting has an in-house security specialist on staff. Jason McClung has joined our team after retiring from the Air Force and spending the last 17 years working in the military cyber security field. Jason’s experience and trusted knowledge has led to Jason authoring sections of the most recent ICD705 SCIF specifications. Jason, to his credit, has played an integral role that has led completing over 500 certified government SCIF’s located both in the US and in active overseas war zones. Mr. McClung has been invaluable working with our clients during pre-construction planning to ensure SCIF designs and construction execution to meet government security requirements and certifications.


JM2Jason McClung

27 years of experience


Design Review | ICD 705 Compliance Inspections | Full Scope Consulting


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