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Verizon Wireless Regional Headquarters Cafe’ (Laurel, MD)

Cafeteria Renovation

The major element of this project included expanding and renovating Verizon Wireless’s existing cafeteria (café) which was extremely inefficient and outdated. The goal of the project was to expand the area and make it an attraction to entice more employees to dine in. This was accomplished by renovating and reconfiguring the existing cafeteria space and expanding it into an adjacent space that was previously utilized as office. The newly renovated cafeteria increased in size from 4,827 sq. ft. to a total of 5,567 sq. ft. The additional space allowed the number of occupants for the dining area to increase from 86 seats to 136 seats. In addition, a movable partition was installed to subdivide the expanded dining area space so that a portion of the room could also be used for “town meetings” and to allow both areas to function independently as needed.