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National Cancer Institute Café (Frederick, MD)

Cafeteria Renovations

Mazzuca Contracting was the design/build contractor for this facility located on the U.S. Army base at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland.

The goal for the National Cancer Institute was to create a more enjoyable dining facility for its employees. Sugar Associates designed a bright and colorful new Cafe’ with an Asian flair. The challenge with the serving area was to use the existing self-serve food service stations, and to retro-fit these existing, dated, stations to bring them up to modern

standards. The retro-fitted stations received new lighting and/or heated food shields, new multi-colored laminate skirting, and other modernizations, which converted these dull and dated stations to appealing, fresh food displays.

The dining area and meeting rooms were transformed from dull, dated, open and partitioned rooms into bright, new and colorful dining areas. Three of these rooms have the flexibility to be separated from the main dining area to be used as meeting rooms